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October 6, 2009

A Classic Wedding Gift

Filed under: Weddings — Liz @ 4:05 PM
A Classic Chippendale Tray

A Classic Chippendale Tray

If you have just received a wedding invitation in the mail, one of your first thoughts (besides what to wear) will be how to find an appropriate and appreciated wedding gift for the new bride and groom.  I know that everyone wants to give a wedding gift that will remain with the newlywed couple throughout all their married lives.  It should be something that is meaningful, beautiful and practical.  We also want to give something that will always remind the bride and groom that it was you that gave them this special gift.  I have gifts from my wedding that I treasure, not only because they are lovely things for my home, but also because I am always reminded of the person who gave them to me.

Traditional gifts, are by far, the best wedding gifts!  There is a reason why some designs stay constant and are continually incorporated into many different decorating styles.  A design that stands the test of time and can fit within a classic or contemporary home will always be proudly displayed, used and passed down to the next generation.  For example,when I got married,  my aunt gave me a beautiful engraved silver tray. A simple and elegant bridal monogram was used on the tray. Over the years I have used this tray for serving and, instead of storing it away between uses, I leave it on display in my dining room.  When my youngest daughter got married (her tastes run to the very contemporary) she was given the exact same tray by the same aunt.  Of course, she recognized it from my tray and knew that she had just received a very special and everlasting present.  Two years later, her tray, with her bridal monogram is beautifully displayed on her mid-century retro styled sideboard.

You will put a lot of effort into making sure that you are giving a gift that will be appreciated for a lifetime.  Keeping it simple, traditional, and beautiful will make your wedding gift unforgettable!


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