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April 6, 2015

Handcrafted Pewter Julep Cups are Ideal for Southern Soirees

The Kentucky Julep Cup

The Kentucky Julep Cup

Spanish moss dripping from towering tangles of southern oaks and the sweet sound of cicadas are just two of the things that often come to mind when one thinks about the south. The enduring tradition of quaffing refined mint juleps on a sweltering afternoon is another. We here at Silver and Pewter Gifts can’t provide you with the oaks and cicadas. However, we do have handcrafted pewter julep cups that will undoubtedly inspire your guests to channel their inner Rhetts and Scarlets. Here’s more:

Louisiana Julep Cup

Modeled after the works of Bavarian-born silversmith Anthony Rasch von Tauffkirchen, our Louisiana Julep Cups are sure to please. They come in two sizes, 12 ounces and 9 ounces. Each one features an ageless beaded border with ample room on the sides for personalized embellishments. Handcrafted and romantic, they would be ideal for a night spent sipping mint juleps under the stars.

Mississippi Julep Cup

Those that prefer the timeless work of silversmith George Macpherson may want to gravitate towards our Mississippi Julep Cups instead. They feature a beaded  base and top rim, making it one of the prettier of the juleps. One of the handcrafted pewter julep cups is capable of accommodating a 9 ounce drink. The other is more suited for refreshing, 12 ounce creations. Both feature the option of engraving the cup’s sides with a notation or design element to commemorate your special event.

Kentucky Julep Cup

Of course no respectable collection of customizable, handcrafted pewter julep cups would be complete without a nod to Kentucky. That’s why we’ve added two Bluegrass State inspired versions to ours. The lead free, enduring heirloom pieces would look just as stately on a mantle as they would filled with cocktails and mint sprigs. Sizes range from 9 to 12 ounces.

The previously mentioned, handcrafted pewter julep cups are just a smidgen of what’s available in the State Julep Cups.  We also offer beautiful cups inspired by 18th and 19th century silversmiths from the Carolinas, Tennessee, New York, Texas, Georgia, and many more.  These Cup Collections are perfect for graduation gifts when engraved with a school name and year of commencement.  They also make a truly spectacular wedding gift when engraved with bridal monograms.


October 21, 2014

Presenting the Perfect Cocktail With Pewter Barware, Jiggers, Flasks

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Pewter Coin Jigger

When it comes to mixing the perfect drink, precision is everything. For example, a traditional dry gin martini consists of the following:

1 jigger of gin
1 oz dry vermouth
Mix together and garnish with lemon or olive.

A cosmopolitan, on the other hand, uses a slightly more detailed recipe:

1 jigger of vodka
1 oz orange liquer
1 oz cranberry juice
1/2 oz lime juice
Mix together and garnish with lime peel.

With all the effort that goes into preparing the perfect cocktail, why not enhance the presentation with our Pewter barware, jiggers, flasks? We have a variety of styles to suit your needs. Our 2 oz jiggers like Derby and Jefferson Cup match our other beautiful barware. In addition, we have stand alone pieces like the Pewter Coin Jigger (shown above) CCDSJthat add a unique element to your bar. For more complex drinks and mixologists, we even have a traditional double sided jigger that will complement any bar service.

Finally, you can finish off your perfect cocktail with our drink stirrers. Whether you’re sipping drinks after a long game of golf or prefer to daydream about sailing and the seas, our stylish stirrers will offer you and your guests a decorative and functional flourish.

For more information about Pewter barware, jiggers, flasks that can make your cocktails both beautiful and delicious, please contact us.


May 9, 2014

Sterling Silver Baby Cups for Baby’s Good Fortune

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Sterling silver baby gifts has been a tradition that goes way back to the colonial times. Crafted by the best of silversmiths, such a gift was considered an symbol of good fortune for the future life of the child and of hope for the generations to come.  As popular as ever today, sterling silver baby cups are often given to commemorate the birth of the newest member of the family.

Sterling silver baby cupsSSBALBC-B come in many styles and can be engraved with the newborn’s name, date or other meaningful text to act as a keepsake. They can actually be used when learning to drink from a cup, and make a beautiful and lasting display for many years to come.  We encourage the use of our sterling silver cups as each dent and scratch becomes a part of the treasured memory of your young child.

As an alternative, the cup can be give during a shower before the baby is born with or without engraving.  Then the new parents can decide for themselves how they would like the cup engraved.  Either way, this makes for a coveted heirloom that can be passed from one generation to the next.

What parent wouldn’t want to be given a sterling silver baby cup for this most joyous occassion!

In addition to the cup, a sterling silver spoon and fork set for baby can be added with an engraved initial or other symbol at the base.  Boxed in an elegant gift package, this set makes a very special gift indeed.

Contact us for more information on sterling silver baby gifts.


June 6, 2013

Baby Rattles – A Lifetime Keepsake

SCPDR-W-BThe birth of a baby is a miracle which will bring many beautiful memories. A baby will receive many wonderful gifts from loved ones at the time of birth and also at the christening. Some gifts will last a lifetime but will also give great joy to the baby during their growing years. An heirloom gift will be treasured for its use and beauty. One type of gift is silver or pewter baby rattles. These rattles come in all different types and shapes which will intrigue any baby with delightful sounds.

Teething Ring Rattle – The round shaped teething ring has a sterling silver bell attached to it which acts as a charming little chime . The baby will enjoy playing with the rattle and also use the teething ring to relieve the pain of teething. The rattle comes in a pink, blue or white teething ring which will make it a perfect gift for a girl or boy. This rattle is delicate and beautiful and, when engraved with baby’s monogram, makes a perfect gift.

Twisted Handled Rattle – This rattle is a classic with a twist. The handle has a feature that looks like the handle is twisted like a rope. Your baby will enjoy holding it and playing with this rattle. Engraving the ends with the child’s name or monogram, date of birth or christening, will make this rattle beautiful keepsake.

Stacking Ring Rattle – This dumbbell shaped rattle features  a textured design of rings stacked through the handle.  Easy to grip and shake, your baby will enjoy looking and playing with the beautiful rattle. Choose engraving to make this a wonderful keepsake.

Triple Ring Rattle – This beautiful sterling silver rattle is so traditional. You will find that the three ring make it easy for a baby to hold. The balls on the rings have a bead inside which will entertain the baby with its soft sound. The rattle is smooth and cool, and wonderful for entertainment or teething. This is a unforgettable gift that the baby can someday pass on to their children.

We have many more silver or pewter rattles to welcome the new addition to the family. These rattles are beautiful and elegant keepsakes. Contact us and we will be happy to assist in providing more information about our baby products.


May 2, 2013

Personalized Pewter Baby Cups

Babies are a precious addition to any family and receiving personalized pewter baby cups make wonderful gifts. This gift can be kept as a treasured keepsake. These baby cups are polished to a loving finish and adding an engraving will give the cup a personal touch. The quality and beauty of these pewter baby cups are the reason these gifts are so popular.  Available in 25 different styles, you are sure to find a perfect one for the new little boy or girl in your family.

Pewter Teddy Bear Cup – Adorable teddy bear crests the front of the cup. The traditional emblem of the nursery is a perfect gift for the baby. The cups hold up to 5 ounces.

Pewter Cross Baby Cup – This baby cup is crested with a cross which is ideal for a christening. This cup represents a rare form of craftsmanship paired with practical traits of pewter. This cup will be a keepsake for many years. It holds up to 5 ounces of liquid.

Pewter Bow Handle Baby Cupsilver-baby-cup-300x300 – This cup is buffed by hand to a gleaming finish with a feminine bow handle. Add engraving for a personal gift with heart felt meaning.

Bulged Pewter Baby Cup with Scrolled Handle – The bulged body of this cup is a favorite. The pewter cup is polished by hand and the scrolled handle adds decorative details to this functional baby cup. This cup holds up to 5 ounces of liquid.

Imagines Pewter Baby Cup – This “Imagines of America” collection is a beautiful pewter baby cup. It bears the distinctive imagine markings which is a row of beading along the top of the cup and two lines of scoring near the bottom. Have this cup engraved and it will be a memorable gift that lasts for years.

These are just a sample of the beautiful pewter baby cups that we have available to purchase as a gift for any baby. Give a gift from the heart which will be a wonderful keepsake. Contact us for more information and let us help you to choose a thoughtful and memorable baby gift.


April 22, 2013

Engraved Silver Gifts – Show Mom the Love this Mother’s Day

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2989_0775_hiMother’s Day is soon approaching and finding the perfect gift for the mom who has everything can be quite challenging. Why not show her how much you love her with engraved silver gifts personalized just for mom.

Silver and Pewter Gifts offers a huge selection of gifts for any occasion and Mother’s Day is no exception.

First celebrated in 1908, Mother’s Day is an American tradition founded by Ann Jarvis on May 12, 1907. It became a nationally recognized holiday in 1914 and children have been honoring their mother ever since.

Finding the perfect gift to say I love you is often difficult and time consuming. Here are some gift suggestions that mom would absolutely cherish:

Collectibles – does mom collect bells or goblets? Give her the gift she’ll love with a specially engraved message just from you.

We’ve all heard the saying that something is “not served on a silver platter”,  meaning we have to work hard for what we want,  it’s not easily handed to us.  Well, mom has worked hard her entire life to give you what you want and need.  How about handing her a gleaming pewter platter engraved with the names of all her children and/or granchildren?

Surprise mom with a beautiful bouquet of roses neatly arranged in the gorgeous crystal Rose Bowl shown here.

Another special gift for mom is an elegant pewter or sterling silver picture frame that mom will absolutely love. Make sure to insert a special picture for mom to enjoy.

If your mom is like most mothers she probably has several small keepsake items tucked away in a shoebox. Give mom a classy, elegant keepsake box, a special place to store her momentos, jewelry or anything else she cherishes.

These are just a few ideas to show mom your love and appreciation. Let your imagination run wild with our large assortment of gift items.

We’re always here to help if you have any questions about any of our products. Feel free to contact us anytime and we’ll do our best to assist.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! May you all be blessed with love and special memories.


April 4, 2013

Heirloom Quality Wedding Gifts With The Personal Touch

A recent keepsake trend at weddings and bridal showers is the sign-able picture frame or tray where guests can write messages of love and luck to the happy couple.

But why take a chance that your cherished memento will smudge or fade? Instead, use one of our engraving pens to create heirloom quality wedding gifts that will last a lifetime.

It’s as easy as signing your name. Our diamond tipped engraving pens are lightweight and easy to use. Simply pair one with one of our other wedding gifts and invite your guests to etch their personal messages onto the surface.  This pen is as easy to use as a regular penengpen w-tray-B and in no time, you’ll have a unique treasure.

If you want to go the traditional route, we have a variety of silver and pewter frames to choose from. Our wide border frames are available for both 4×6 and 5×7 pictures and leave ample room for any number of best wishes.

Or you can think outside the frame and take things a step further. Imagine…

…the happy couple toasting one another with silver champagne flutes engraved by the members of the wedding party.

…the bride displaying flowers in a silver bowl, etched with handwritten messages of love.

…serving coffee and tea for years to come using one of our cherished silver or pewter trays that the wedding guests all signed.

…keeping mementos in a box signed by the whole family.

The possibilities are endless and the memories are permanent and will be cherished for many years.
For more information about ways to create this heirloom quality gift, go to silverandpewtergifts.com


March 21, 2013

Thomas Jefferson’s Original Design

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JMJC-Befferson Cups are beautiful, functional pieces of American heritage, and make lovely, unusual gifts.

Commissioned by Thomas Jefferson, our third President, a set of eight of these cups was originally made by silversmith John Letelier in 1810. Formed in a tumbler shape, these low, round bottomed cups are hammered from a single disk of silver. They have a heavier bottom than sides, to promote stability and prevent spillage. Jefferson requested that these cups also be engraved and have a gilt (gold-lined) interior. According to the records at Monticello, these cups became Jefferson’s regular dining table drink ware.

Now you can give one, or a set, of elegant replicas of Jefferson’s original design. There are a number of options to choose from when deciding which Jefferson cup you wish to give. We offer a traditional Monticello cup, in pewter, complete with a Monticello gift box. We also offer a pewter Jefferson cup from the Images of America collection, with beading on the rim and scoring on the base. This cup can be paired with one or more other pieces from the Images of America collection to make a stunning gift for any occasion. For the authentic experience, we also offer a sterling silver Jefferson cup in the traditional style that begs the addition of an appropriate engraving. We also offer the Jefferson Cup in a set of 12 so that, like Jefferson, you can use them at your own dining table.

Whether you use them in your own home or give them as house warming, Christmas or christening gifts, today’s Jefferson cups will become household treasures bequeathed to the next generation, just as Jefferson’s original cups were distributed by Martha Jefferson Randolph to her own children in the 1830s. So join the tradition, contact us and purchase the Jefferson cup: a handsome gift with a distinguished history.


March 14, 2013

Engraved Silver Gifts and Handcrafted Pewter Gifts for the Everything In All of Us

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4746Every human being on the planet is unique and every person that you see, is someone different from every other person in the world. There are people who are similar in ways, obviously, and there are some things that are common to all the people in the world.  Silver and Pewter Gifts has gifts appropriate for every one of us, especially because many of these items can be personalized:

For the parent in all of us: Baby Gifts. From cups to toothbrushes, these are the best treasures for our little ones. Also graduation gifts for when they are much older.

For the love of great memories in all of us: Custom engraved picture frames. Add a name or a lovely phrase to accompany your personal rememberance.

Desk Accessories for the deskrat in all of us: Whether you’re a writer or an office worker, these will not dissapoint.

For the need to express ourselves: Engraved Pewter Jewelry. You could be the only person on your block with a flower necklace for every month, with jewelry boxes to match.

Business card cases for the entrepreneur in all of us.

For the sugar lover in all of us: Pewter candy dishes. Engrave something on these. Maybe “Don’t touch, all mine”.

For the unavoidable love of Coffee in all of us: Coffee and tea sets.

Oh and don’t forget, for the drinker in all of us: Barware and Crystal Decanters. Everybody needs at least one of the items from these pages.

With any or all of the gifts you will satisfy the (fill in the blank!) in you. Please consider personalizing these gifts, to reflect and express your unique personality. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about our Silver and Pewter Gifts.


February 28, 2013

Traditional Wedding Gifts are Back in Style

CCT-crest-BWhile weddings can happen any time of year—even in a snow storm as reported on the news this year!—late spring and early summer are traditionally the season of weddings.  May, June and August are the three most popular months for weddings. The time of year when Old Man Winter finally relaxes his icy grip on the earth is naturally the season for new beginnings.

But something interesting happens to brides as they approach their new lives: they start looking back to old traditions. Maybe it stems from a desire to connect with the generations that have gone before us. Even our snow storm bride mentioned above was thrilled to be married in a snow storm because her parents’ wedding was accompanied by one just like it. And as couples are waiting longer to get married, and brides are older than in previous years, they come to the altar with a greater appreciation of things that have true value.

Some wedding gifts never go out of style; they’re just rediscovered year after year by gift-givers and fortunate recipients alike. Engraved silver and pewter heirloom-quality gifts such as wedding cups, trays, jewel boxes, and coffee and tea sets provide a daily reminder to the newlyweds not just of that life-changing event, but the generosity of treasured friends who chose to commemorate it with something timeless.

If someone you know is approaching a milestone, whatever the season or weather, come see what we have available at Silver and Pewter Gifts. We offer free standard shipping for all purchases over $50, as well as inexpensive aids for cleaning and storing fine silver and pewter. Most engraved items ship within two days of ordering, so contact us today.

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