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March 12, 2010

Baby Teething Ring Rattle Satisfies the Senses

Filed under: Gifts for Babies — Liz @ 1:22 PM

It’s a fact. Babies like to put things in their mouths. It’s their way of satisfying a curiosity surrounding a new object and exploring it further by using their sense of sight, touch and yes, even taste. Babies are naturally curious and learn about the world around them through interaction with people and with things. So, as parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles and friends, how can we make the most of a baby’s need to stimulate his or her senses while providing added benefits and entertainment for them?

Fortunately, that concept was developed a long time ago, perhaps three thousand or so years, with the evolution of the teething ring. Ancient Egyptians used smoothed coral for teething rings and inscribed them with an image of Bes, the god associated with child welfare. Much later, 17th century parents gave their babies candy sticks to help with teething (and unknowingly with tooth decay!) Gum sticks and gum were typically used until the mid-19th century when the first rubber teething rings were manufactured. More affluent parents provided their privileged babies with teething rings crafted from costly mother-of-pearl.

Today, teething rings are made from a variety of materials that are child-safe and non-toxic. Modern teething rings also incorporate other features, such as a rattle that stimulates a baby’s sense of hearing. Sound recognition is an important part of a baby’s developmental process. The sound of a rattle provides a cause and effect learning tool—your baby soon realizes that when the rattle shakes, it makes a noise. The harder it shakes, the louder the noise. Their sense of touch is also utilized when a baby plays with a rattle, particularly those that incorporate different shapes and textures. Visual display is another benefit—babies are naturally attracted to bright colors and shiny objects.

Silver and Pewter Gifts offers the ideal teething ring rattle that will satisfy a baby’s developmental senses as well as his or her parent’s aesthetic ones. Our collection of sterling teething ring rattles are available with pink, blue or white plastic mother-of-pearl rings in either a circle or heart shaped. Attached to the ring is the best part—a beautiful sterling silver bell rattle that can be custom engraved with the baby’s name, initials, or monogram. The silver rattle has a soft, tingling sound. The smooth texture of the plastic ring will provide soothing relief while baby is teething and give him or her something to grip and shake, thereby improving their sense of sound and touch.

Why not nourish the new baby’s senses while offering an engaging gift to honor their birth, christening, or baptism? Each of these charming teething ring rattles will surely become a keepsake to be cherished long after the little one is full grown.

Silver & Pewter Gifts teething ring rattles, circle or heart shaped, in blue, pink or white


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