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April 6, 2015

Handcrafted Pewter Julep Cups are Ideal for Southern Soirees

The Kentucky Julep Cup

The Kentucky Julep Cup

Spanish moss dripping from towering tangles of southern oaks and the sweet sound of cicadas are just two of the things that often come to mind when one thinks about the south. The enduring tradition of quaffing refined mint juleps on a sweltering afternoon is another. We here at Silver and Pewter Gifts can’t provide you with the oaks and cicadas. However, we do have handcrafted pewter julep cups that will undoubtedly inspire your guests to channel their inner Rhetts and Scarlets. Here’s more:

Louisiana Julep Cup

Modeled after the works of Bavarian-born silversmith Anthony Rasch von Tauffkirchen, our Louisiana Julep Cups are sure to please. They come in two sizes, 12 ounces and 9 ounces. Each one features an ageless beaded border with ample room on the sides for personalized embellishments. Handcrafted and romantic, they would be ideal for a night spent sipping mint juleps under the stars.

Mississippi Julep Cup

Those that prefer the timeless work of silversmith George Macpherson may want to gravitate towards our Mississippi Julep Cups instead. They feature a beaded  base and top rim, making it one of the prettier of the juleps. One of the handcrafted pewter julep cups is capable of accommodating a 9 ounce drink. The other is more suited for refreshing, 12 ounce creations. Both feature the option of engraving the cup’s sides with a notation or design element to commemorate your special event.

Kentucky Julep Cup

Of course no respectable collection of customizable, handcrafted pewter julep cups would be complete without a nod to Kentucky. That’s why we’ve added two Bluegrass State inspired versions to ours. The lead free, enduring heirloom pieces would look just as stately on a mantle as they would filled with cocktails and mint sprigs. Sizes range from 9 to 12 ounces.

The previously mentioned, handcrafted pewter julep cups are just a smidgen of what’s available in the State Julep Cups.  We also offer beautiful cups inspired by 18th and 19th century silversmiths from the Carolinas, Tennessee, New York, Texas, Georgia, and many more.  These Cup Collections are perfect for graduation gifts when engraved with a school name and year of commencement.  They also make a truly spectacular wedding gift when engraved with bridal monograms.


April 4, 2013

Heirloom Quality Wedding Gifts With The Personal Touch

A recent keepsake trend at weddings and bridal showers is the sign-able picture frame or tray where guests can write messages of love and luck to the happy couple.

But why take a chance that your cherished memento will smudge or fade? Instead, use one of our engraving pens to create heirloom quality wedding gifts that will last a lifetime.

It’s as easy as signing your name. Our diamond tipped engraving pens are lightweight and easy to use. Simply pair one with one of our other wedding gifts and invite your guests to etch their personal messages onto the surface.  This pen is as easy to use as a regular penengpen w-tray-B and in no time, you’ll have a unique treasure.

If you want to go the traditional route, we have a variety of silver and pewter frames to choose from. Our wide border frames are available for both 4×6 and 5×7 pictures and leave ample room for any number of best wishes.

Or you can think outside the frame and take things a step further. Imagine…

…the happy couple toasting one another with silver champagne flutes engraved by the members of the wedding party.

…the bride displaying flowers in a silver bowl, etched with handwritten messages of love.

…serving coffee and tea for years to come using one of our cherished silver or pewter trays that the wedding guests all signed.

…keeping mementos in a box signed by the whole family.

The possibilities are endless and the memories are permanent and will be cherished for many years.
For more information about ways to create this heirloom quality gift, go to silverandpewtergifts.com


March 21, 2013

Thomas Jefferson’s Original Design

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JMJC-Befferson Cups are beautiful, functional pieces of American heritage, and make lovely, unusual gifts.

Commissioned by Thomas Jefferson, our third President, a set of eight of these cups was originally made by silversmith John Letelier in 1810. Formed in a tumbler shape, these low, round bottomed cups are hammered from a single disk of silver. They have a heavier bottom than sides, to promote stability and prevent spillage. Jefferson requested that these cups also be engraved and have a gilt (gold-lined) interior. According to the records at Monticello, these cups became Jefferson’s regular dining table drink ware.

Now you can give one, or a set, of elegant replicas of Jefferson’s original design. There are a number of options to choose from when deciding which Jefferson cup you wish to give. We offer a traditional Monticello cup, in pewter, complete with a Monticello gift box. We also offer a pewter Jefferson cup from the Images of America collection, with beading on the rim and scoring on the base. This cup can be paired with one or more other pieces from the Images of America collection to make a stunning gift for any occasion. For the authentic experience, we also offer a sterling silver Jefferson cup in the traditional style that begs the addition of an appropriate engraving. We also offer the Jefferson Cup in a set of 12 so that, like Jefferson, you can use them at your own dining table.

Whether you use them in your own home or give them as house warming, Christmas or christening gifts, today’s Jefferson cups will become household treasures bequeathed to the next generation, just as Jefferson’s original cups were distributed by Martha Jefferson Randolph to her own children in the 1830s. So join the tradition, contact us and purchase the Jefferson cup: a handsome gift with a distinguished history.


February 28, 2013

Traditional Wedding Gifts are Back in Style

CCT-crest-BWhile weddings can happen any time of year—even in a snow storm as reported on the news this year!—late spring and early summer are traditionally the season of weddings.  May, June and August are the three most popular months for weddings. The time of year when Old Man Winter finally relaxes his icy grip on the earth is naturally the season for new beginnings.

But something interesting happens to brides as they approach their new lives: they start looking back to old traditions. Maybe it stems from a desire to connect with the generations that have gone before us. Even our snow storm bride mentioned above was thrilled to be married in a snow storm because her parents’ wedding was accompanied by one just like it. And as couples are waiting longer to get married, and brides are older than in previous years, they come to the altar with a greater appreciation of things that have true value.

Some wedding gifts never go out of style; they’re just rediscovered year after year by gift-givers and fortunate recipients alike. Engraved silver and pewter heirloom-quality gifts such as wedding cups, trays, jewel boxes, and coffee and tea sets provide a daily reminder to the newlyweds not just of that life-changing event, but the generosity of treasured friends who chose to commemorate it with something timeless.

If someone you know is approaching a milestone, whatever the season or weather, come see what we have available at Silver and Pewter Gifts. We offer free standard shipping for all purchases over $50, as well as inexpensive aids for cleaning and storing fine silver and pewter. Most engraved items ship within two days of ordering, so contact us today.


November 11, 2009

Engraved Wedding Invitation Tray

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Wedding Invitation Tray

Wedding Invitation Tray

Here is a spectacular wedding gift idea for the bride and groom;  a gift no one else will think of and one that will amaze the bridal couple!   With a copy of the wedding invitation, we can duplicate the layout on this finely made Chippendale Tray.  This tray is available in either sterling silver or polished pewter (which looks very much like silver, but does not tarnish).  Whether you opt for the silver tray or the polished pewter one, the effect and appreciation for this beautiful gift will be felt for decades. This Wedding Invitation Tray creates a perpetual memento of one of the happiest days in the life of the married couple.

Many couples, who are planning their wedding,  have a personal motif or unique design that is used as a theme throughout the wedding:  on the Save-the-Date, the wedding invitation, the programs and the place settings.  We can take these designs (emailed to us as a high resolution image) and engrave them on this tray,  on their wedding cups,  or any number of our beautiful trays, bowls, or goblets.  It’s the perfect way to create  a one-of-a-kind keepsake to be treasured always.

But, it does not have to be just a wedding present.  Presenting this engraved Invitation Tray in silver as a 25th anniversary gift is a truly lovely way of commemorating this milestone event. Tradition calls for tin as the 10th anniversary gift, and as pewter is 93% tin,  what would be better than duplicating the couples invitation on this stunning pewter Chippendale Tray.

This particular tray is very versatile when it comes to weddings and anniversaries.  It is also a popular gift for bridesmaids when engraved with their monogram in a flowing feminine font.  Imagine their delight when your closest friends open this personal and everlasting gift that will always remind them of that great day when their best friend got married.


October 6, 2009

A Classic Wedding Gift

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A Classic Chippendale Tray

A Classic Chippendale Tray

If you have just received a wedding invitation in the mail, one of your first thoughts (besides what to wear) will be how to find an appropriate and appreciated wedding gift for the new bride and groom.  I know that everyone wants to give a wedding gift that will remain with the newlywed couple throughout all their married lives.  It should be something that is meaningful, beautiful and practical.  We also want to give something that will always remind the bride and groom that it was you that gave them this special gift.  I have gifts from my wedding that I treasure, not only because they are lovely things for my home, but also because I am always reminded of the person who gave them to me.

Traditional gifts, are by far, the best wedding gifts!  There is a reason why some designs stay constant and are continually incorporated into many different decorating styles.  A design that stands the test of time and can fit within a classic or contemporary home will always be proudly displayed, used and passed down to the next generation.  For example,when I got married,  my aunt gave me a beautiful engraved silver tray. A simple and elegant bridal monogram was used on the tray. Over the years I have used this tray for serving and, instead of storing it away between uses, I leave it on display in my dining room.  When my youngest daughter got married (her tastes run to the very contemporary) she was given the exact same tray by the same aunt.  Of course, she recognized it from my tray and knew that she had just received a very special and everlasting present.  Two years later, her tray, with her bridal monogram is beautifully displayed on her mid-century retro styled sideboard.

You will put a lot of effort into making sure that you are giving a gift that will be appreciated for a lifetime.  Keeping it simple, traditional, and beautiful will make your wedding gift unforgettable!


September 9, 2009

A Great Groomsmen Gift

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A Great Gift for Your Groomsmen

A Great Gift for Your Groomsmen

It seems that it is so easy to get gifts for girls and women.   Whenever I’m asked what I want for my birthday or Christmas, my standard answwer is “Something Pretty!”.  Whether it be  jewelry, clothes or something else for my wardrobe,  or a nice decorative piece for my house,  I think there is a wealth of choices for women.

With men, the situation is different.  It is not always easy to present a gift to your groomsmen  and have something that they all will appreciate.  We do a lot of engraved gifts for wedding parties, both the bridesmaids and the grooms, and find that the gifts for the groomsmen almost always involve something for their bar!  We have engraved jiggers, julep cups, flasks, and goblets.  The most popular of those being the flask and julep cups.

This brings me to a new product we have just started to offer, a Hob Nob Flask and Beaker Set, from Reed & Barton’s Colonial Williamsburg collection.   So far this set has been a big hit!  I think mostly because it is a gift that, when used, is not just for one person.  The term “hob nob”, first used in the 18th century, means to drink socially with a friend, or to toast one another over a bit of spirits.  The “toast for two” Hob Nob Set does exactly this.    It includes a stainless steel flask and two beakers, or cups,  in a really nice carrying case making it a convenient choice for taking along to a game, on the boat or even a backyard party.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, but still within range of the most popular of groomsmens gifts, the Hob Nob Set is perfect.  Your groomsment will be receiving a much appreciated gift that they will use again and again.  And sometime in the future, you will be able to Hob Nob with your groomsman.


August 26, 2009

Engraved Wedding Attendant Gifts

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An order recently came in for a really thoughtful way to honor all of the men involved in a particular wedding.  There were 20 of them in all!  Needless to say, the gifts could not be terribly expensive, but at the same time, the groom wanted them to be of high quality and something that these gentlemen would be able to use and value forever.

RCCJ-S-BThe couple choose our pewter Coin Jigger, which is an attractive accessory for any bar, however the groom intended for it to be used as a shot glass.  The Jigger is made of polished pewter and has a Kennedy fifty cent piece embedded in the bottom, which can be seen from both inside or outside the cup.

The custom part of this order included a special engraving chosen by the client.  On one side of the jigger was the wedding date.  On the opposite side, they provided us with a drawing done by the bride saved in a digital format (jpg).  This drawing was their wedding motif and had been used on the Save-the-Date notices, the wedding invitations, and the wedding programs. It was a beautiful image of a blooming laurel branch joining with a cotton plant, meaningful flora to both the bride and groom.

After we did a bit of clean-up on the image, it was engraved on all 20 jiggers.  The custom engraved motif worked beautifully on this piece,  giving it a a jewel-like heirloom quality look. Everyone who came into our engraving workroom was ohing and ahing over the results.  And after our initial set up fee for the motif, the cost of this great groomsmen gift was very reasonable.


July 21, 2009

Wedding Cups

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The wedding season, usually the spring and fall, brings us lots of engraving jobs for the bride, groom, and all members of the wedding party.  We do pewter bracelets and jewel boxes for the bridesmaids, jiggers and beer tankards for the groomsmen and many wedding cups for the bride and groom.

The use of a wedding cup in marriage ceremonies is an ancient tradition with roots going back to Jewish, German and Celtic cultures.  With strong symbolic meanings, a shared toast and drink of wine between the newlyweds is becoming an ever more popular and fun part of the wedding ceremony.   The wine, with its sweet taste and bitter edge, stands for the moments in life where the couple will experience their ups and downs.  The cup symbolizes the pledge of life long togetherness.  And the drink from the cup, with the shared wine represents a shared life.

Lately, as this is the wedding season, we have been engraving loving cups, wine cups and pewter trays to use in the wedding ceremony.  Typically, the tray will have the name of the bride and groom with the date of the wedding and is used to carry the goblets or cups.  Our orders on the cups vary since there is no rule as to how the cups should be engraved.  Some will have the name of both the bride and groom, some will have the wedding date and others will leave it off.  There are wedding goblets that have the bride’s name on one cup and the groom’s on the other, again with or without the date.


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