About Pewter

Pewter, an alloy made of 93% tin and a 7% blend of antimony, copper and bismuth, has been in use for centuries.  It is considered a precious metal, fourth in line behind platinum, gold and silver. In the Middle Ages it was used in churches and wealthy homes, and eventually became available to everyone and was commonly used in taverns and for kitchenware.  All of our pewter is lead free and food safe, and unlike sterling silver, it does not tarnish, nor will it rust or corrode. Most of the products we sell are available in either polished or satin finish. Handled properly, our pewter will last for generations.

To care for our pewter, we recommend that you use it regularly as handling will give it its characteristic patina. When used, wash in warm soapy water, rinse well and dry with a soft cloth before putting away.  Never put your pewter in the dishwasher, oven, microwave or on your stovetop. It should not be exposed to open flames. It is a soft metal and the high heat from these appliances will damage the pewter. Do not use your pewter to store foods, only to serve them. And when using for a planter or vase, put glass or plastic inside the vessel to protect the pewter.

Polished Pewter

Polished pewter is shiny and has a reflective surface very much like sterling silver. It will not tarnish, and if used for decorative purposes, will retain the highly polished finish.  If your polished pewter is used regularly, it will obtain a natural patina.  We recommend that you polish it once or twice a year.

Satin Pewter

A satin finish on pewter has a softer brushed look with a non-reflective surface.. The maintenance for the satin finish is the same as with the polished.  Clean with warm soap and water, then dried with a soft cloth.  With regular use, scratches will appear on the pewter which some think create character. If you choose to remove these surface scratches, using 0000 steel wool, rub the pewter very gently with the grain.  

Please be aware that satin pewter is custom finished, therefore it may take a few extra days to ship.

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